Workshops and Courses

The key for a successful workshop begins with careful planning. Designing the methodology and the approach, time commitment, choice of venues, online solutions, all that needs to be time well spent that will bear fruit when the moment comes for the workshop itself.

After that, the preparation steps with participants’ engagement and, finally, the actual workshop. Sharing goals and objectives, explaining the reasons for the choice of methods, and providing enough flexibility to accommodate the reality of each group or organization are all essential elements of the process.

With his vast experience both as a provider and as a recipient of innovation services, and a creator of techniques and methods, André is uniquely positioned to offer a solution that is adaptable and focused at the same time.

All that, blended with a healthy dose of multicultural sensitivity, a humanistic management approach and that very important ingredient, humour. Some of the workshops and seminars carried out by André and his network include among others:

· Ideation: identifying, enriching, and selecting intriguing ideas

· Innovation: portfolio development

· Innovation diagnostics: how innovative is your team? Where do you go from there?

· Humanistic Management: a seminar on The H(uman)MBA and the call to reflection before simply acting.

· Multicultural approaches to a more human organization.

All the modules of The H(uman)MBA program will soon be available in video format to be released on a course platform.
Sample clip below