The H(uman)MBA, Lessons from the
Classics of Literature and Philosophy
you don’t learn in business schools

“The H(uman)MBA, Lessons from the Classics of Literature and Philosophy you don’t learn in business schools” is a unique approach to linking lessons from great books to our daily reality in business, organisations, and life at large. A set of thirty-nine topics collected by the author throughout his global career in six continents, each topic with quotes extracted from thirty-nine classics, and a simple guide to help you write book number forty, “your own book of purpose”.

At a time when humanity, human values, and our planet are faced with so many threats, The H(uman)MBA is a humanistic call to reflection, looking back at the classics to help managers and leaders build a more humane future. Each chapter is deliberately short and contains: – A brief description of the topic in question, hardly taught in a business school. – A reference to the classic book chosen to illustrate the topic. – A few quotes or excerpts from the book in question, and… – A brief guideline for reflection, discussion, or debate.

Growth, productivity, efficiency, only for the sake of profit are not chapters found in The H(uman)MBA. On the other hand, the management of dilemmas, obsessions, adversity, coping with failure, stoicism, and many more are an integral part of this personal, yet universal collection of topics. Economic success and purpose are not contradictory.

The 40th book is your own book of purpose which you can write around the humanistic values that you select from the ones presented. The exercise may not necessarily make you a better manager or leader. However, it will help you become a better, more humane person, and better persons make better leaders.

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A Portuguese translation of The H(uman)MBA is available as O HMBA, um MBA Humano.

Future releases


163 short chronicles from 163 countries visited, explored, or lived in six decades of wanderlust.

Storytelling from teenage days to business warrior adventures.

The power of humour in interconnecting and weaving together cultures and people from six different continents.

A human angle to global exploits.

To be released mid 2021.

Books and Articles

Contributions by André

Sharing Conversations

The Hargraves Institute Anthology: Sharing Conversations by Juliet Chandler, tells stories of reflection, personal experience, innovation and change. In one of the chapters, André addresses his point of view and makes his contribution on the theme of innovation.

6 Building Blocks

Innovation is about ideas that make life better. But what does it really take to deliver innovative propositions? And what separates companies that drive their industries forward from those that simply talk the talk?

This book takes you inside the minds of some of the world’s most effective innovators to answer these questions and more. In real stories from diverse industries, business leaders reveal what it takes to bring new products and services to life. In this book, 6 Building Blocks for successful innovation by Massimo Garbuio & Moritz Dressel, André shares his wisdom, taking us into his thinking about innovation.

Bias buesters: Knowing when to kill a project and an effective way to approach it

Despite their best intentions, executives are victims of cognitive and organizational prejudices that hinder good decision-making. In this article, André highlights and offers unique effective ways to approach it.

Boundless Plains to Share

Preface to Boundless Plains to Share, Australia´s agribusiness partnership with Asia – Century 21.