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André is regularly engaged as a keynote speaker in conferences, workshops, congresses, and other events worldwide. In the last twenty years he has been involved in more than 100 major events.

Themes of previous speeches
and presentations include:

The Power of Intriguing Ideas in Innovation

Innovation in times of crisis

Do we really need innovation?

Experiential Innovation: consumer-centricity in a changing world

Ideation Speed Dating©: A novel method to generate ideas

The Portfolio of Knowledge in Project Management

The Project Killer: A job with a future

Innovation diagnostics and organizational preparedness

The future of foods

Why we need a humanistic education in business

The H(uman)MBA, Lessons they don’t teach in business schools

Humanistic management in organizations

The world of alternative facts and its risks

The app and the ape: Human values and future foods

Leadership styles in the modern business world

Motivational, storytelling, graduation speeches

Some Excerpts

“…As you soar higher and higher, always take a moment to look at the beauty of the scenery, take a deep breath and practice on a daily basis in your flights, the two magical G words: Gratitude and Generosity.

Be grateful to those who gave you the opportunities; be grateful to yourself for taking them. Be grateful to those you know and who supported you, providing the wind beneath your wings; be grateful also to those you do not know, as they are members of this immense human family, beads in the necklace of life, bound by legacy and future.

Be generous beyond measure to others; do not measure your generosity to self in terms of material elements. Generosity is a huge gate that you open in your soul, from which all roads to happiness begin.

The daily practice of gratitude and generosity will be instrumental in assisting you in the deep understanding of the fact that success does not necessarily bring happiness. However, that same practice will make it possible for you to comprehend that happiness is indeed success…”

Commencement speech, Sydney

“…Virtual reality, already anointed with that most pervasive habit of modern times, the acronym, VR, is driving our perception to doors never imagined by Aldous Huxley in his classical experiments with drugs. We can travel, we can dream, we can see, we can touch, we can hear, we can smell, we can even experience sex virtually.

Sitting in the centre of a hall of mirrors, virtual reality has made it very difficult for us to distinguish between where the object ends and the image begins, and the image of the image of the image, when repeated infinitely, becomes the object we don’t touch, but an object nonetheless.

Of all the senses, there is something unique about one of them: taste. You cannot taste from a distance. You can hear, see, smell, even touch from a distance, but you cannot taste from a distance. Not only do you have to bring the object in question, in this case your food, in contact with your body, but it must be in contact with the inner part of your body. It is no wonder that the principle of incorporation has prevailed over the centuries. Man ist was man isst. You are what you eat.

Eating virtually, though, has not been achieved by any blogger, no matter how alternative his facts really are.

So, here we are, preparing the future and preparing for the future, in that most unique and irreplaceable of human activities, the pleasure of eating, to ensure that most essential of human actions: survival…”

International Congress, London

For details on how to hire André as a keynote speaker for an event, congress, meeting, please contact info@thehumanmba.com. Previous clients include international organizations, multinational corporations, multinational business, trade associations, universities, academic institutions, etc, in Europe (West and East), the USA, Canada, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, China, Russia, Ukraine, etc.