A multidisciplinary business leader with a unique experience in diverse environments worldwide, sharing his ideas and innovation toolset to promote and enhance business and organizational results with a touch of essential humanity.

New Release

The H(uman)MBA, a series of reflections inspired by the classics to help you bring a touch of humanistic management to your daily life. It is available via Amazon in e-book and paperback formats. A Portuguese translation is also available.

Monthly Letter

A monthly collection of thoughts and reflections about the themes of innovation, humanistic management, idea-centric business processes, multiculturalism in business, and many others near and dear to his heart.

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André is regularly engaged as a keynote speaker in conferences, workshops, congresses, and other events worldwide. In the last twenty years he has been involved in more than 100 major events. For a sample of topics covered in his presentations, please click on Speeches.


Books, articles, prefaces, and chapters of books, as well as a glimpse of some publications to come.


The problem with most new ideas for innovation is that they are killed before they see the light of the day. The fastest way to kill an idea is to turn it into a project prematurely.

With Ideation Speed Dating©, André developed a…


André’s unique approach comes from years of experience in many different angles of the innovation ecosystem. As a general manager, an innovation executive, an entrepreneur, R&D scientist, creator of methodologies, creative writer, etc., André’s take on innovation is multidisciplinary, creative and actionable.


Combining a novel approach to generate and enrich ideas with a portfolio of knowledge specific to the organization, innovation workshops can be a transforming experience, with practical, applicable, and actionable outcomes.